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Corpus juris canonici: Liber Sextus, with gloss – Fragment

Parchment · One imperfect leaf · 1301 – 1400 CE · Southern France or Northern Italy · 313 x 205 mm
Oxford, Bodleian Library, A 2.8 Art. Seld.
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An imperfect leaf from the Liber Sextus Decretalium of Boniface VIII, promulgated in 1298, together with the Glossa aurea of Johannes Monachus (d. 1313). The text is from the Regulae juris in Sextum, an appendix to the Liber Sextus, framed by the corresponding text of the gloss. For these texts, see Dondorp and Schrage, ‘Medieval learned law’ (2010), pp. 45‒46.

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